How can I receive a tattoo …


About eight million German have a tattoo, teen star Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht even has one in the mouth!

IMAGE explains how to get a tattoo – and whether it will ever go again.

How is a tattoo engraved?

With the needle of a tattoo gun tattoo special is inserted into the skin. The color must get into the middle layer of skin (dermis). YO too deep, the color runs.

What should you look for when choosing the tattoo parlors?

• Hygienic environment: A tattoo studio should make a clean overall impression, have a separate, clean treatment room. Ask the tattoo artist if he used disposable products (gloves, needles), the rest of the work unit sterilized.

• Quality craftsmanship: Check the previous work of the tattoo artist, even better in the original (Customer Support) Based on photos. Be sure, whether, for example, lines clean and straight, uniform colors and shades are beautifully executed.

What should you consider when choosing from the subject and the body?

In the choice of subject, there are basically no restrictions. Each template can be implemented as a tattoo at Yeptattoos . However Reputable studios reject certain jobs, such as subjects with right-or linksradikalem background. They also do not accept underage customers. Many also stand in young adults no images in visible areas of skin, such as on the face or hands.

Does it hurt the sting?

Yes, depending on the body: on the upper arm, the pain is relatively low. Particularly painful are eg Spann, neck and the area above the ribs.

What does a tattoo?

Tattoo artists usually charge a base price per session between 50 and 100 euros. Elaborate designs are significantly more expensive. The final sum depends on complexity and size.

How to maintain a new tattoo right?

The tattoo is first covered with a wound protector film. The prevents scab forms (the less scab, the better). Continue to treat the tattoo with an ointment. Dispense with sauna, solarium, swimming pool!

Threaten health hazards through tattooing?

• By dirty tattoo tool infectious diseases such as hepatitis or HIV can be transmitted.

• For fresh tattoos wound infection is possible.

• intolerances dyes often show up until years later: Then the skin becomes inflamed at the tattooed body. Color pigments also spread in the body, found for example in the lymph nodes – the consequences are unknown.

Since 1 May 2009, in Germany, a tattooing regulation that prohibits colors with certain possibly harmful substances.

Have tattoos become really easily removed?

No. While there are special laser (with skin doctors, hospitals), break up the ink particles under your skin. This works well for homemade amateur tattoos generally. Colored Professional tattoos are harder to remove, however, often require six to eight laser treatments – depending on the size.

Cost per session: from 150 euros. By treatment caused no scars, but the structure of the skin may change. In addition, paint residues may remain.

Can one deny me a job because I’m tattooed?

Yes! A boss does not violate the anti-discrimination law when it rejects a candidate because of his tattoos.

Is there an alternative to permanent tattoo?

Only alternative is the coloring of the skin surface, such as henna. The color disappears after a few weeks due to the constant renewal of the skin’s top layer. Be careful with so-called bio-Tattoos: The allegedly also stabbed only in the uppermost skin layer should disappear. However, the color ends up usually in the dermis – and stays there forever.


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